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Help parents be in the right place at the right time –
all the time

School plays, outings, sports events, Mum and Dad have a lot to remember, but Parent PA will make sure they never forget.

Parent PA is a brilliant new communication tool which uses automated texts and emails to keep parents aware of those all-important dates. Not only will Parent PA generate timely reminders, but it will also enable schools and nurseries to quickly connect with parents, reducing administration time and costs.

And it’s not just schools and nurseries that benefit. Parent PA is a customer-focused product that will become indispensable to parents who have a million-and-one things to remember.

Parent PA has recently launched and is receiving great feedback from customers and parents. If you represent a school or nursery, please register for updates or email Parent PA to find out more. If you are a parent, why not get in touch to find out how your child's school or nursery could benefit from this quick and helpful service?

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